Friday, June 23, 2006

She's alive!

"And of course you can't become if you only say what you would have done. So I missed a million miles of fun." -- Song by Len (Steal My Sunshine).

No, I haven't been an idle triathlete. Well, maybe just a whole friggin' lot a tad. That is, been only on the bike side of things really. So much for a diligent attitude. Still, I've had my moments of obsession, whether in my spur of the moment workouts (unlogged, sorry) or in building up of an old friend—my 91' Cannondale. The frame is bent below the right seat stay after a pile on accident years ago (i.e., they and their bikes piled on top of me and my bike). Nevertheless, it's still strong and rideable. And I'm convinced she'll hold up, Captain. Thus, the rebuild from total naked frame ground up.

This is my 'spare' bike built from spare and new parts. It's for use on my indoor trainer and some outdoor rides. Also, I'm continuously experimenting with the setup as my sweet little 'Dale will hopefully evolve into a fixed gear bike. The bullhorn handlebars are already in the mail :-); I've installed a new cassette: 8 speed 11-28 (11, 12, 14, 16, 18, 21, 24, 28); and a threadless stem system is soon coming. Other future enhancements include Turbonium, force field and death ray, as usual. Oh, and windshield wipers and a cup holder.

Bike building sure is turning out to be fun.