Friday, March 24, 2006

Back in business

My official workout season began March 20, 2006--4 days ago. Really, there shouldn't have been any beginning at all. It was suppose to be continuous from last year. But for some reason, I had gotten into a grand funk and let too much time pass and let too much weight accumulate. Nonetheless, I'm back in training for a new triathlon season.

Now being a stay-at-home daddy (SAHD) is a bit tricky when it comes to a training schedule. Well, that is, I don't really have any. Only the oldest of my three little toddlers is in school full time; the other two are just part time 2 1/2 hrs, 3 days a week, staggered so that I'm always with at least one of them. But if none of them are in the mood to hang with daddy, well then that's when the bike and boob tube get to tango.

I've set up my bike on a trainer near the TV so I get to watch the kiddies watching me while I workout. Vain? Of course not! They couldn't give a sh*t about me and instead would prefer to be enamored by the fingerless Powerpuff Girls on the tube (fingerless?! ewwww!). Still, my point was that I really need to keep an eye on them as a responsible daddy should; and perhaps my bike trainer in your face presence would eventually rub off on them so they could join me for a spin one day. Ahhh, what a physically fit family we may be.

And tonight's 55 minute workout was nice--interval training on the bike trainer, simulating hill climbing. I love my CycleOps. Yummy, yummy.

Oh, and my battlecry song of the season start: Unwritten, sung by Natasha Bedingfield.


Blogger Susan said...

I love the ppgirls in the background of the picture! So cute.

3/26/2006 10:50 AM  

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